Safety is one of our core values and a top priority for all of our companies.

A Top Priority

We have no tolerance for practices that fail to promote safety in the workplace or on the job site. It’s that important to us.

We’ve worked hard to develop a safety culture in all of our companies. From top management down, we have a “safety first” attitude and are determined to conduct all operations and maintain our facilities in a way that ensures a safe working environment for all employees.

Our Goal

Our goal is tough: we want to eliminate all accidents from Thompson workplaces. Ongoing training and accountability on every level are helping us achieve this lofty goal.

Our approach to safety and regulatory compliance has enabled us to grow. We continue to prove that a contractor can operate within safety and environmental regulations and remain cost efficient. We have demonstrated that safety can be a competitive advantage, and our commitment to safety is a vital part of our vision.

Commitment Across the Board

All of our companies are intentional about safety.

Advanced Training

We’re proud of our employees. They are carefully selected individuals who have the professionalism, expertise, and pride to get the job done right – the first time.

A Thompson employee begins training on day one. In addition to job-specific education, all new hires attend sessions on general safety and health. All supervisors go through a two day leadership training which includes in depth behavioral safety training.

As training needs evolve, we meet those needs. Ongoing training and accountability on every level help us improve and maintain standards well beyond legal requirements.

At Thompson, we are a family.